Here is the list of the places we recommend you to drive and have a pleasant stay during your vacation. We are sure that the places listed below are high visited and attractive for millions of visitors throughout years. Under each place listed below there is a button to show you the route from our agency's location to the touristic places. Feel free to contact us if you need more information about these places. There are of course more places to visit which are not listed yet.

Milan Cathedral

The breathtaking main attraction in Milan that took over 500 years to build. Inside is a church that does hold mass on Sundays. There is also a crypt and a rooftop. I highly recommend to buy the skip the line tickets that include the church entry and access to the elevator to view the rooftop. This gorgeous gothic style church is in the center of the piazza. Located in Milan, Italy it's next door to the main shopping center. Although The duomo is being cleaned up it's beauty can still be appreciated inside and out.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

This is one of the two essential locations that you cannot miss on a visit to Milano. If you ever wondered why many of our modern shopping malls are called "gallerias", the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele may offer a logical explanation. It's a great place to visit, browse, eat, watch people, take photographs and, of course, shop.  It's beautiful on a sunny day when natural light floods the central areas and convenient on a rainy day because it provides a public space that is sheltered from the elements. Architecture is stunning and the history of the building is just as interesting.

The Last Supper (Leonardo)

Leonardo worked on The Last Supper from about 1495 to 1498, but did not work it continuously. The beginning date is not certain, as the archives of the convent for the period have been destroyed. A document dated 1497 indicates that the painting was nearly completed at that date. One story goes that a prior from the monastery complained to Leonardo about its delay, enraging him. He wrote to the head of the monastery, explaining he had been struggling to find the perfect villainous face for Judas, and that if he could not find a face corresponding with what he had in mind, he would use the features of the prior who had complained.

Sforza Castle

It is the most impressive castle in all of Italy.  If it was not for Luca Beltrami (the usual single individual standing up to the prevailing sentiment of the mob) the denizens of Milan were going to demolish it in the XIX century. I understand their anti-tyrannical stance, but I’m glad it is still here today. The collection of art, tapestries, armor, musical instruments is one of the best. It takes multiple visits to fully appreciate it.

La Scala (Theater)

Theater of Scala is one of the most significant opera house of the world. The acoustics of the theater is one of the best. This theater has the biggest stage in the Italy. The theater is beautiful with the box seat and floor seat. In the old time, there is only the box seat for the wealthy. The remaining spectators are attending by standing straight up on the floor.


Area near Porta Ticinese along the scenic canal has been super gentrified. Once local laundresses beat their washing against the slabs still visible here and there. Now, crowded with crowded cafes. The scene is only skin deep, since a walk on some of the side streets will reveal dilapidated public housing, These "case di ringhiera," small apartments with balconies, built around a courtyard, were once orderly low-income housing, with a concierge a the gate in days gone by.

San Siro Stadium

Great Football temple. Yes, it needs refurbishment but once you go to a match (especially a big one) the atmosphere is great and you forget about that. The stadium itself is huge and can be reached quite easily by metro . Outside of the stadium there are a lot of Italian (fast)food trucks. Definitely worth to visit this stadium for a match even if  you are not a great football fan. Inside tour costs 18 euros at the place.

Pinacoteca di Brera

This is a beautiful place to visit full of history of Milan. Much of it is used by the university and while some areas are not available to tourists and the public it is still a really impressive Building and we enjoyed walking around it immensely. Fantastic collection of lombard Renaissance art from the early to high era.

Church of Saint Maurice

Full name Church of Saint Maurice al Monastero Maggiore. Not even the milanesees know this Lombard masterpiece. An unmissable work of the sixteenth century for anyone who passes in Corso Magenta, a church rich in history and culture with admirable frescoes.

Monumental Cemetery

One of the prettiest cemeteries I have ever visited in my life! Definitely worth a visit. There is something meaningful but also extravagant yet beautiful about remembering the dead in such a manner.This building does not look like your typical mausoleum with it's raised center structure and 'wings' going off in either direction.

Holy Mary of Grace

This is a great looking church from the second half of the fifteenth century. The sight of the rotunda in the back is something to behold. The imposing presence of brick with very little other construction material makes it stand apart in a country where the use of ornate marble is what visitors tend to remember. The church is beautiful and definitely must see. Right away the structure grabs You when seen coming down the road.

Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio

Beautiful church located in a calm area in Milan.Most religious atmosphere in Milan. Go to the crypt to see the body of St. Ambrose of Milan. A paradise for Latinists with inscriptions all over the court yard walls.

Simplon Park

Clean park that is well kept. Lots of stalls for drinks and snacks, plenty of benches and interesting flowers and trees. There's a pond in the middle and a big arch at the very end that's worth checking out.

Museum "Leonardo da Vinci"

This museum is really great, it is extremely "provided" and well configured. There are several buildings and themes on each floor and in each section. Top quality/price ratio, plan to spend at least half a day there if you really want to see everything while taking the time. Lot's of interactive exhibits for kids, everything clearly labeled in Italian and English with extremely interesting facts and trivia. Their Food Science section is extensive

Brera (district of Milan)

One of the best areas of Milan, lively restaurants and some good independent shops. Walk around the pedestrian streets. If you have an afternoon free and want a nice walk, this is a great place to do that. There are nice outside cafes and a few small shops - but this area has suffered globalization in that most of the shops are chains you can find anywhere and everywhere. However, the architecture is nice to look at. The so-called "quadrilatero della moda" includes the best of the best in terms of luxury.

Museum "Twentieth Century"

Great gallery with a particularly good Futurists collection. Good value for €5 entry with plenty to see in an interesting building, and with beautiful views of the Duomo. The modern art is somewhat not easy to understand, but sometimes you can simply feel it.

Royal Palace

The life and the duties of the rural tradition becomes for him a subject of study, considering this as a subject by the noble and sacred meaning and work the land glorious and heroic figures: from the first drawings made in Holland until the last masterpieces painted near Arles, Van Gogh expressed his affinity towards the humble, empathizing with them and representing their dignified demeanor.

Gallerie d'Italia

The building itself is impressive and there are some amazing pieces throughout.This former bank building is an architectural delight.(some operational bank offices still upstairs) Magnificent floors, doors and ceilings plus elegant courtyards and a sculptural garden. Many of the exhibition rooms of this old palace have impressive decorations and ceilings. There are some bas reliefs by Canova.

Sempione Gate

A spectacular arch on a wonderful Piazza. Lovely monument currently being restored to maintain its beauty. Located within easy walking distance from the train or bus you can get some food or drinks close by and then take a walk around.. Wide, open square with lots of room and big stairs where you can take a rest. It's an active square and usually someone is playing music. Amazing sculptures on top.

Vertical Forest

Beautiful residential buildings you can see from afar. Love the concept of a vertical garden and that you can see greenery in the city. Would love if this concept could be applied to other new buildings as well. Very nice building with beautiful square/parks around. Perfect for a walk and some pics. Many options of restaurants and cafes nearby. It is rather interesting and unique project. 900 trees per building.

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