Quadrica Balerna in Switzerland


Quadrica Sagl is located in Balerna, Switzerland. It started because of the necessity that numerous visitors and locals needed to travel within Switzerland and Italy. Quadrica agency is located in a perfect location that can reach easily through highways cities as Lugano and up to Zurich and more. From the south goes to Italy and the nearest city is Como. In Como city is located the famous Como Lake.

The people of Balerna speak several languages such as Italian, German, French, English, Portuguese etc. The municipality is covered by land and surrounded by many forests and green. All the water in the municipality is flowing water. Since our agency started to release the newest car models in the city it had its own clientele and gave opportunity to the people to enjoy traveling around. Our agency has helped many tourists and locals to travel to the surrounding cities within Switzerland and Italy as well.

You can reach in short distance the beauties, historical places, traditional foods, shopping centers, vinery houses, wedding ceremonies, sightseeing and even famous casinos. There is a chance for you to visit Como city and Como lake in Italy. Quadrica staff is trained and well informative to guide you through the easy process handling the paper work for you. You can contact at any time for support. We will help you to reserve the car you like with the most competitive price in the area. You will have satisfaction by driving the most compact, reliable, safe and guided with navigation system. We have all the means to make your rental period calm and enjoyable. We can provide all the needed information you may need.

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